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Tailoring Abundance

“You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.”

~Brian Tracy, Author


The challenges facing homebuyers or sellers are very different but what is common to both is the “-ers.” Every transaction involves people and the perspective each takes toward the others. Our experience has educated us in the immeasurable value of adopting what we call “an abundance approach” toward everyone. We define it as making the conscious decision to choose integrity over misleading, authenticity over affectation, transparency over secrecy, congruence over conflict, generosity over greed, and bravery over fear. We hold ourselves to this standard and we will hold you to it also. Because, at the end of the day, we know that, whether you see your reflection in the bathroom mirror of the new house we helped you buy or in the rearview mirror of your car as you leave the place you’ve just successfully sold, the only thing that beats the rewards that come when people are looking out for each other at least as much as they are looking out for themselves, is knowing you are one of those people. We want that experience for you. We know how to get it. And, buyer or seller, we tailor our services to that goal.

Buyer Representation


One of the most important factors in Hawaii’s real estate market is getting you the information you need in a timely manner and communicating effectively.


There can be a lot of misconception and confusion in real estate. Our aim is to educate you on the market and demystify/simplify the process so that you feel prepared and confident every step of the way.


We are consultants. Not sales people. Our goal is to provide you the best information, along with our professional advice and interpretation, and allow you to make the most informed decision.


With over 40 years of experience we have seen almost every situation you could encounter and not only know what to do, but how to prevent and stay ahead of potential problems.


“The devil is in the details,” couldn’t be truer than when buying a home. We carefully craft contracts and manage transactions to prevent any issues during escrow and after closing.


Every client at every price point receives the same level of attentive, white glove service in order to successfully guide them towards their goals.

Real Property Investor Representation

Is It Legal?

We ensure that knowledge of any legal implications of your investment are explained to guide you in a smart, informed decision.


Our partnership with a first-class property management company allows us to provide actual and factual figures for you on similar investments.

Trends & Upgrades

Investment properties need to be designed in a key asesthetic to attract the best tenants and will also minimize future owner expenses.


Staying on the pulse of the market is what we do; it’s what we live for.  Ensuring your property is in these right neighborhoods is important.

No Divining

We all want a guaranteed thing, that isn’t what we sell.  We guide and explain based on decades of experience and constant learning.


Price does not dictate success, let us show you how a smart sub-$400,000 purchase is just as wise as a $2 million investment.

Listing Representation for Home Sellers


Good vs Evil. Life vs Death. Price vs Time. These are archetypal struggles. We’ll show you today’s top strategies for winning the price/time battle, whatever your goal.

Marketing – Not Selling

Marketing is not having something to sell or making that thing available for purchase. Marketing actively reaches for a buyer who needs it and motivates him/her to buy.

Staging & Design

Does HGTV educate homebuyers? Probably. Today, whether your property meets today’s standards or not, buyers know. And they price their offers accordingly.

Digital Gone Wild

Every blue moon or so, you’ll find a home with one modern marketing feature like a custom website, 3D virtual tour, or an information-rich property video. EVERY Portfolio listing gets these and many more.

We’re Social

Social media marketing is not just a trend, it’s a necessity and our team understands your buyer and knows how to target that buyer with our marketing.


Open Houses are more than a nod to tradition. They are sole mainstay of yesteryear’s real estate marketing and remain crucial for success, with their postcards, door knocking, et al.

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Fine Homes by Portfolio

Preview some of the most exciting properties on the market and observe how Portfolio markets for today’s home seller. From starter homes to starter castles, waterfront oases to sky-high condos with jetliner views, let’s make your dream into your reality. 

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