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The success of any business is based, in part, on the number of new customers that business can attract. Therefore, it’s easy for a business to fall into the habit of focusing its attention on the newest customer and overlook the existing one. This has often puzzled me because it feels like the primary importance is placed overwhelmingly on an unknown, instead of equally given to loyal, existing customers.
It is my hope that our client appreciation events remind you that we don’t subscribe to that backward thinking. We thank and value you who have demonstrated trust in us with your business, past and current. Since, at its core, real estate is about family, a place to call home, and the people that make all of it possible, we take every opportunity to show our thanks for how each of you has impacted our lives, and, we hope, we’ve succeeded in benefitting yours.

Events like these are coordinated as often as we can so that each of you has the opportunity to share stories of your new homes and/or the adventures you’ve had since the sale of an old home. Our greatest success is being a continued part of your lives and growth. So, thank you.

~ Carl

Did We Miss Anything?

If you went to this event and see something we’ve missed, let us know. We welcome your input.

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